A bubbler is a special device that is also known as a hand-held water pipe. It is very similar to a traditional bong but this had only a mouthpiece along with an owl, stem and a water chamber. These usually have bowls that are fixed and can not be removed from the pipe. They contain a special percolating aspect which aerates the smoke making it more smooth. The most highlighted features of a Bubbler are those which come with a carb and a hole which is used to clear out the smoke making it pure.

When this is compared to a bong the major difference between the two of them is the size. The pipe of a bubbler is handheld and is very much discreet as well as easy to use. The pipe plays a big role as it is easy to carry and adds water filtration to enhance the experience of smoking.

Where can one find these?

There are special companies online that specialize in the manufacturing of these special bubblers and other products. These companies have recently developed the concept of bubblers to enhance the smoking experience for everyone. They are not like usual smoking devices and are more interesting and fun to do. These companies take pride in selling these products as they offer the best and most high-quality products with good durability.


Dab Rig Collection

By purchasing a bubbler one will get durability, this also has a side carb which is useful for the control of airflow. One can get these in different styles like Sherlock or hammer. There is also an advantage of diffusing downstream. The products come in various types and sizes as well as quality. Some of them use walnut wood which helps in making the piece rise above all the rest. It also can be unscrewed and opened up into many pieces. Some of the bubblers are crafted very precisely with the usage of a genuine cobalt hue to give out a rich blue colour. Whereas, the others have additional features like chambers which are spine type, a variety of other attachments and a lot more.

To conclude, these bubblers are very trending not only because of their small and compact size but also because of the smoking experience that it gives to one and all. It is very advanced and made in the best possible way. The companies that sell these products online have kept an open and transparent platform that has everything that one is looking for at the tip of their finger. Hence going for a bubbler is the best option.