Instagram likes, whether visible or not, are still a group that influences notifications for the Snapchat algorithm. Likes can increase the visibility of your posts; that is how to get any of them.

  • Share your best photos.

Do you see what I mean? One of the most obvious ways to increase the number of Instagram likes on your photos is to post high-quality, well-composed, engaging photographs that are as shareable as possible. This chicken baguette is an excellent example. It just really shows off from the and much in all its meaty glory, which is difficult to resist for any foodie. Try using Vector graphics directly in Squarespace Poet or maybe one of the 21 other Instagram features available to establish eye-catching, beautiful graphics.

  • Share user-generated content.

Posting client content (with consent, of course) aids in the development of a strong friendship with your target group. Motivate users to post images of your commodity with your brand’s name so you have a lot of outstanding substance for you to choose from. The photo above, for example, was initially submitted by a collectible clothing brand that marked Began dating Synergy, the brand that helps to make the embezzled skirt. Girlfriend Alliance previously posted the photo (attributing the previous poster) and obtained some free—and hilarious—content promoting their product. It received over 25,000 likes.


Create a hashtag to incentivize your followers to engage with user-generated content. That’s what actress Stephanie orders to get people to share their Any And everything All at Once Holi costumes. There must have been over a billion posts with just that hashtag after Halloween.

  • Share behind-the-scenes footage.

Having shared some of your methodologies, someone has followers and a more complete perspective of your brand. This slideshow post (and its accompanying caption) delves into the creator’s manufacturing process. Her followers can appreciate—and enjoy—all of the labor put in and out of her handcrafted jewelry

  • Organize a takeover

Ask a brand representative (employee, partner, collaborator, and the like.) to start by taking over your Instagram for a single day to share a more personal side of your work. This exposes your content to a larger audience because the person who takes over your Ig account will most likely share it on their intimate feed as well. The English National Ballet, for example, saw some of their choreographers take over their Internet and share some backstage magic. This benefits the takeover-er (technical term) as well because they are exposed to their audience and vice versa.