Most photographers take photography branding for granted. Only a few make it a priority. Photography branding helps a website look so put together. Although the photos may be different, they all convey the same message. Photos should have a consistent color palette and have a “feel” that draws people in. Photography branding is not as complicated as most people think.

Branding is styling a business. It creates a mood, feeling, and consistency. The intention of branding is to convey a particular message. Photography branding sets one apart from the competition with a distinct style.

Mood board

This great tool for finding mood and style for business is a recent trend. Mood boards come in the brainstorming stage during the branding or rebranding of a business. This is when you choose what your brand represents in the visual sense. You can create a physical mood board by cutting out images from magazines or online.


One of the key factors in photography branding is consistency. It starts with little things like colors and fonts. Consistency creates feelings of trust and loyalty. It gives people a unique feeling about you and your business. Most people consider colors and fonts as minor details and these are often taken for granted. Those details give people a certain feel for your brand. People feel safer when they know what to expect.


Although a logo is not necessary for photography branding, it starts there. It is the face of your photography brand following you throughout your business. Having a logo jumpstarts your photography branding journey. A logo will be on websites, social media, and even invoices. It will also be on all marketing materials such as business cards and posters. Most photographers do not stick to only one logo for years in their business.

A logo is often a great first start for a photography branding. It signifies the start of a business. There are people who start with a design idea and then look for someone to bring it to life. Logo designers in all budgets are available online. There are logo templates online if you want to design your logo. Make sure it is unique and shows the personality of your brand.