Ted Farnsworth, a well-known personality in the movie industry, is an innovator, entrepreneur, financier, movie producer, and consummate disruptor. He is known as the man who revolutionised the movie industry forever. Ted Farnsworth is the man behind the success of some renowned companies. But, among all these companies, the one that has been the subject of concern is ted farnsworth moviepass.

Ted has always been the man who wants to build the business into a success. The newcomers in the movie industry see him as their idol, the man to whom they look up. Since a teenager, he was keen on the business world, which resulted in his road to success. From the very beginning, he decided that he will never work under anyone, which resulted in the man he is today.

The birth of a revolution: MoviePass

MoviePass came into existence in the year 2011. It is a subscription-based service that provides its subscribers with the freedom to watch a movie at any theatre and anytime, enhancing the experience. It brought a revolution in the movie industry as it turned casual moviegoers into enthusiasts. MoviePass utilised mobile apps, which resulted in providing the subscribers with the ease of booking a movie at any theatre from anywhere.

ted farnsworth moviepass

TheĀ ted farnsworth moviepass venture has been the part of “The Best Of Everything in 2012” and “25 Most Disruptive Apps of 2012”. This is because it became successful in attracting customers over the years. In the year 2018, it finally reported having a family of 2 million subscribers, but the company faced many objections over the business model which it was following and its sustainability.

In the year 2017, he decided to acquire MoviePass, with a plan to enter into the theatre business.

The man of the long haul

The maestro in the business world, Ted Farnsworth, is also the expert in strategic development, public relations, marketing, and consumer behaviour. With these skills and experience, Ted has given rise to many successful companies and ventures. Yet, he has always remained curious about applying different ideas and bringing up innovations.

Ted also has an impressive contribution to the movie industry. As a movie producer, he has shared the platform with many big names in the movie industry. Ted Farnsworth is currently working on making ‘virtual Hollywood’ He believes that combining talent, resources, and technology will reshape millennial global entertainment.